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Preserving The Moravian Culture

Curated by George Drost


George Drost

Cultural Attache / Curator of Joza Uprka Collection

George Drost is a man on a mission to preserve the art, culture, and stories of Moravia, a region in the Czech Republic that is rich in history and tradition. As the youngest son of John Anton Drost, who was born in Moravia in 1909, George grew up hearing stories of his father's childhood and his experiences during World War II. These stories left a deep impression on George, who has since become an advocate for preserving the memory of his father and the people of Moravia.


One of George's most significant contributions to the preservation of Moravian culture is his collection of Joza Uprka artwork. Uprka was a renowned painter and illustrator from Moravia, whose work captured the beauty of the region's landscapes, people, and customs. His paintings are considered some of the finest examples of Czech Art Nouveau, and they offer a glimpse into a bygone era of Moravian life.

George's collection of Uprka artwork is extensive and includes over 400 pieces, including paintings, illustrations, and sketches. The collection is housed in the Museum of J.A. Komensky in Uhersky Brod, a town in Moravia, and is open to the public for viewing. The collection is a testament to George's dedication to preserving the legacy of Moravia and ensuring that future generations can appreciate the beauty and richness of the region's cultural heritage.

Woman By Beach

Joza Uprka


Uprka Collection

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