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About The Quiet Hero: Bridge To Freedom

In the 1990s John Anton Drost sat at his typewriter and began the journey of recording his war experiences. The pages have been bound in a binder for 30 years, tucked in the corner of his granddaughter Julie Lokun's office.  Along with her father, George Drost, John's youngest son, they commissioned acclaimed writer Nicki Pascarella to rewrite his story in a modern way.

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Discover the untold story of John Anton Drost, the extraordinary quiet hero who stood tall amidst the shadows of history. In this captivating and poignant true-life account, "The Quiet Hero," witness the indomitable spirit of a man who fought valiantly for the rights of Jews during the darkest chapter of our world.

Set against the backdrop of unspeakable atrocities, John Anton Drost emerges as a beacon of hope, defying adversity and persecution with unwavering courage. From his humble beginnings, this unsung hero embarks on a transformative journey that would shape the course of countless lives.

"The Quiet Hero" delves deep into John Anton Drost's remarkable life, revealing the heart-wrenching trials he faced and the sacrifices he made to protect the persecuted. With vivid prose and meticulous research, this historical masterpiece illuminates a period of history often overshadowed, shedding light on the extraordinary individuals who fought against unimaginable odds.

Through the pages of this compelling narrative, experience the triumphs and tribulations of a man whose unwavering commitment to justice knew no bounds. John Anton Drost's tale will grip your heart, inspiring a renewed appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit.

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